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Seaside Dining! 


A vintage gas station on Jersey Avenue in Gloucester, NJ was the home of the first McGlade’s Restaurant, Holy Mackerel. Soon, Holy Mackerel II set up shop on 11th and Bay

in Ocean City, NJ. Once the McGlades became familiar with the historic seaside retreat of Cape May, NJ, they opened the Mansion House on Broadway in the center of town. 

A local, Mr Morrow, of Morrows Nut House, asked Mom McGlade if she knew anyone who could serve “plain old good food” in town...he had a beachfront vacancy behind his candy shop on the pier. She had someone in mind — her daughter, Mickey. 

Mickey opened McGlade’s on the Pier starting with just breakfast, and quickly moved into lunch and dinner. The omelets have been written up in The New York Times, the seafood dinners are delicious — and you can’t beat the view.

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